Bracelet Magnétique Homme 4-en-1 RainSoft



- the benefits of negative ions 

 ✔️ negative ions will increase your sense of well - being 

 ✔️ negative ions promote mental clarity the negative ions

✔️ relieve tension

 ✔️ negative ions enhance energy levels the benefits are visible on a number of points. 

 ✶la concentration


 ✶la reduction of headache 

 ✶la performance - the benefits of infrared. 

 ✔️ infrared enhances the immune system 

 ✔️ infrared slows aging 

 ✔️ infrared increases and maintains the heat of the body 

 - the benefits of germanium 

 ✔️ germanium is a powerful vehicle for health 

 ✔️ germanium strengthens the immune system by increasing levels of oxygen 

 ✔️ germanium to accelerate the metabolism of cells 

 ✔️ germanium regulates and balances the positive and negative ions 

 ✔️ germanium eliminates toxins 

 ✔️ germanium checks oedema 

 ✔️  germanium reduces water retention 

 ✔️ germanium is the quality of sleep. 

 - magnetic therapy 

 ✔️ magnetic therapy on the pain 

 ✔️ magnetic therapy promotes the blood circulation

 ✔️ magnetic therapy to optimize energy and endurance the balance and harmony

 ✔️ magnetic therapy

 ✔️ magnetic therapy reduces fatigue 

 ✔️ magnetic therapy reduces the physical stress the magnetic therapy 

✔️ cramps, pain in joints and muscles



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