Analog ultrasonic cleaner

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 Dimensions: 17x6x8 (cm)

Manual measurement may have errors
Working method: Ultrasonic
Input voltage: 1.5V
Material: plastic

Product does not contain batteries


The four suction cups at the bottom of the cleaning agent are immersed in water and adsorbed on the table to pre-20180323_111306_045_

ntroduce clean water, add a little neutral detergent effect is better
Ultrasound design, efficient cleaning of oil stains, sweat on glasses


The solution is introduced into a dedicated box and placed in a contact lens

Ultrasound design can better remove the secretions attached to the spectacle lens20180323_111306_047_

Cleaning time for frames and contact lenses is recommended 2-3 times per week for 1-2 minutes each time.

When cleaning the eyes, inject 70% of care solution into the box. Contact lenses are placed in the middle of the box. Do not place on the edge of the box.20180323_111306_048_20180323_111306_049_20180323_111306_050_

1. Install two 1.5V No. 7 batteries in the correct direction at the bottom and change the battery cover. For the battery life, it is best to remove the battery when not in use.
2. Place the cleaner in a smooth flat place and press it downwards to fix the suction cup. When cleaning the contact lens, place the sunspot containing the contact lens and the care solution in the slot in the cleaner.
3. Clean the glasses or other items on the frame, cover the items with clean water, and then add the detergent
4. Press the switch, the machine starts to work, vibrate for 5 minutes, at the same time, it sounds that it is working properly

5. When you want to stop, press the switch again, it means cut off the power to stop working, you can remove the cleaned items20180323_111306_051_

Product material: plastic
Product Model:SD-280
Working method: Ultrasound

Input voltage: 1.5V20180323_111306_052_

Ultrasonic cleaning principle
Ultrasound produces tiny bubbles
Water molecule explosion burst

Stain stripping object20180323_111306_053_

Frame glasses
More than a few times
clean with a cloth
Lens is no longer gray

Contact lenses

More than hand washing effect
several times stronger
Strongly clean lens
surface proteins and stains


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