Shipping and processing delays due to Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule 2023


Hello, customers

The employees will take a little holiday in January 2023 to enjoy the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival after a year of hardwork. The Urunigi office and warehouses will still have people on duty to handle all of your orders and requests during the holiday season. If you have any additional queries about when we will be taking holidays. To speak with us in person or to learn more, feel free to use the online chat feature on

Let's now examine the most recent Holiday Hour strategy!

Seasonal Hours:

Urunigi Office: From January 20 to January 26, will be closed for 7 days. The personnel will continue to work during the holidays in shifts to guarantee that all of your orders are processed as usual. However, as there aren't many employees working, it can take us longer to respond to all of your inquiries.

If you have pre-ordered inventory or made a deposit on inventory, we will still process and ship your orders on time because's global warehouses and Chinese warehouses will be open during the New Year vacation. However, because the majority of our shipping carriers also have holiday plans, some of your products may still face shipment delays after being dispatched from the Urunigi warehouse.

Suppliers: From January 10 to February 1, the majority of Chinese suppliers will take vacation days (The date may have variation since different suppliers have different holiday plans). For the spring festival, several factories might even extend their vacation time. Therefore, until the holiday season is over, your current product supplier might not be able to ship orders. Please check the live chat room on to establish the precise time your products suppliers will return.

During the Spring Festival, our representatives will be available to respond to any of your inquiries and requests in the chat room around-the-clock. Again, it can take longer because there aren't enough staff members.

When Does the Vacation End?

On January 27 (GMT+8), the Chinese New Year holiday will officially end, and all of our services will gradually return to normal. However, records from previous years and our most recent analysis indicate that 70% of suppliers will be off until the first of February, and 30% of them may even take lengthy vacations until the tenth. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Final Words will continue to improve our service over the coming year to support you as you grow your enterprise (Urunigi Shops owners). Finally, the entire staff would like to send our most sincere greetings to each and every one of our valued customers. A prosperous, secure, and healthy new year is sent your way!

We appreciate all of your help and patience. Happy Holidays!