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Launched in December 2019, Urunigi is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide, many of them located in Africa, the USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Italy and France for the purpose of supporting women entrepreneurship in Rwanda. Urunigi is a Registered Trade name of Yakkabelê Ltd, incorporated in Rwanda (View the incorporation Certificate)

Women's economic equality is a human right. Because gender equality is a fundamental human right. Donate to Unleash the entrepreneur in a woman

Urunigi began in 2019 as an initiative of the young network marketers. Through a business development program, we witnessed how women were great marketers. What we saw is that the women had skills, organization and leadership. They had vision for the future. They were still being held back by gendered expectations around domestic and care work that limit their time, empowerment and economic participation, but had a means to rise up. The problem was this: although the women could market and sell others’ products, they faced high start up cost barrier, even though they get started, they worked few hours a day and the income they earned was insufficient to support their families. In some cases, they didn’t even cover their expenses! In short, they didn’t have time nor money to keep them in business.

Urunigi was begun to honor the hard work of the women and serve as an online home-based marketing platform and a place where women can sell and buy while offering financial support to one another.

Urunigi.com as women's home-based marketing platform

Urunigi is open to all women in Rwanda, as a platform to post product sourcing request, list the sourced items, fulfill all orders and ship them in their behalf. Hence the women can be a customer of her own product and at the same time marketing them to her peers!

Urunigi.com where women offer financial support to one another.

The same woman who markets and buys products from Urunigi.com is the same one who holds the privilege of getting her business funded by 45% of the profit made by Urunigi.com (which is allocated to Urunigi Shine bright Program). Donate to Unleash the entrepreneur in a woman

Urunigi.com is not a Multivendor e-commerce store

Unlike other multi-vendor online stores, which require all their vendors to manage all the heavy works from securing supply chains to the time-consuming tasks of sourcing, listing, marketing, shipping and customer service, at Urunigi.com, women can choose and propose what to sell by submit random images (Via Whatsapp Chat) for the product they wish to sell or buy to the Urunigi Sourcing Team. Hence, the Urunigi Team is then responsible for all time-consuming tasks of managing all women's catalogs, sourcing, listing, customer service and shipping so that all women can save time and concentrate on marketing their products.

Unique and paramount products

Our products are directly sourced from leading suppliers. This gives us an advantage of negotiating prices of quality products. We always choose the suppliers with a capacity of producing high-quality products. We strive to offer the latest fashion and trends in all products we offer. We have partnered with leading Chinese suppliers that employs well known international logistics companies so as to enable our customers to save on delivery fees.

Unbeatable Customer Services.

We have set up most accessible, sophisticated and automated online and offline customers services systems in all countries we operate that offer personalized services to our customers.

Our Loyal Ambassadors



From the very beginning, we had a vision: to build an online home-based marketing platform which would partner with local efforts for poverty alleviation, gender equality and financially empowering all women and girls. We learned as we went, and built a business and a team that is self- sustaining.

In 2020, Urunigi WIB (Women in Business) was launched. Urunigi WIB is a Free online training on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Since that time, our women partners (Loyal ambassadors) and customers have become trainees. It is a privilege to serve both guests and women loyal ambassadors through these training.

In 2021, a Chinese big supplying agency, allowed Urunigi as its partner dropshipping ecommerce marketing aiming at helping women in sourcing products from China and ship them to worldwide Market. This collaboration has enabled us to multiply our impact.

As our businesses and team grew in service and success, opportunities began to arise to serve outside of the business sphere.  In 2022, Urunigi.com launched Urunigi Shashagirana.  In English, we like to call it Urunigi Shine Bright. 

Through Urunigi Shine Bright, we have had the opportunity to share 45% of our annual profit and invest back into the women entrepreneurship by offering fully packaged, ready to run and high profitable small businesses at a 15% grant on startup cost.  These businesses include, Mashiga Stove™, a fuel-efficient gasifier stoves manufacturing business, Mashiga BCB™, a biomass Charcoal manufacturing business, Mashiga Electric™, off-grid biomass electricity generation business, Green Tower™, a vertical farming towers manufacturing business, Urunigi Minima™, a portable and mobile fast drink shop and SeaPão™, a healthy air-fried products.

Also in 2022, a new partnership brought forth Abahizi youth club to promote Smart agriculture and further small businesses in high school students.

All of this progress has come only with God’s help as he has provided resources, key volunteers, and wonderful staff and women partnerships.  Thank you to everyone who is a part of our Urunigi story.


Urunigi aims to work in a way that will make a positive impact for years to come.

What does sustainability look like for us?

Long-Term, Loving Relationships with Women: to offer opportunities for growth financially, organizationally, inter-personally, and spiritually.

Commitment to Rwanda: to support local women in starting their own businesses in Rwanda and participate in the national vision for growth and development.

Honor for the Environment: to be mindful of the environmental impact of all women projects. The majority of manufacturing businesses offered by Urunigi target at better recycling agricultural and forestry wastes, carbon farming and generation of renewable energy.

Urunigi Rwanda Leading: to function as a thriving, growing business with Rwandan leaders, respected in our industry, poised to partner locally and globally for years to come.

Women co-financing: The way to overcome the barrier of securing a start up capital, all women partners have to join force and support one another. That’s what Urunigi shine bright do. Women buy and sell products at Urunigi.com, and 45% of the profit is invested back in their businesses.

Donate to Unleash the entrepreneur in a woman


Chinese Products Sourcing Partner Offices:

  • Hangzhou Office: Xixi and Tian Mu Shan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China 
  • Hong Kong Office: Fashion Necklace Jewelry Co., Limited, RM 23F, Ruby Commercial Building, 480 Nathan Road, Kowloon, HK
  • Dongguan Office: Elevator No.3, F4, Building F, Fengzhimei Industrial Zone, Jinfenghuang Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 523689, China
  • USA Office: Gs Global Warehouse Inc, 13955, Central Ave, Chino, CA, USA 91710
  • Germany Office: CJ DROPSHIPPING GmbH Zum Linnegraben 20 65933,Frankfurt am Main
  • French Office: Umall Technology S.A.R.L, 15 Rue Des Halles, Paris (Not For Return)
  • UK Office: Maylerescape LTD, UNIT# 2052, 275 New North Road, London, N1 7AA, United Kingdom
Rwanda legal office: Rilima Bugesera Eastern province Rwanda & Nyanza Busasamana Southern Province Rwanda, +250782790949



Mobile/ Whatsapp: (US)+16174888724
Email: support@urunigi.com