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The entrepreneur in a woman. Women's economic equality is a human right. Because gender equality is a fundamental human right.


Online home-based marketing platform for Women.

For women who have vision for the future, but are held back by gendered expectations around domestic and care work that limit their time, empowerment and economic participation, is a mean to rise up! Urunigi shine Bright program was begun to honor the hard work, skills, organization and leardership of women and serve as an online home-based marketing platform for them to sell and buy unconventional, paramount and affordable products wihout quitting their domestic Duty and earn sufficient income to support their families as well as benefit from receiving funds for building their home-based businesses. Read more

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    For individuals who wish to build their own businesses, we provide a reliable dropshipping solution.

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    Since we continually developing our brand portfolio, everyone will find something they like here.

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